Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Report on PLN

PLN Yourself

Wow! I can not believe how many things I have added to my PLN since the last post. Before this class, I was just a google kinda girl. If it had to be looked up, I googled it. That was my #1 website. Now, with the help of my PLN, I not only have Google, but have things such as USA Online, the EDM310 Class Blog and blog of teachers that I have discovered through the C4T assignments. I have found many blogs through EDM, but have found some through Twitte, which I also never used until this class. I also have links for facebook, all 3 of my emails, and twitter. I had to include some crafting blogs because that is always a passion for me. I have a few online shopping sites because retail therapy is the best therapy. I have also included a YouTube link because I often find myself searching for a video of some sort, for learning purposes and entertainment, who doesn't love YouTube? What I like most about my PLN is how Symbaloo allows me to organize everything by color code and choose a really cute background. I am all about the *Girly* look. I have never hears of a Personal Learning Network before this class but definitely feel like this is something that I will continue to use.

Personal Leanring Network Toll Kit

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