Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog Post #10

Morgan Bayda

WoW! This blog summed up so many of my very own feelings. Morgan just completed her teaching degree in the Spring of 2010. This blog post of hers talked about her feelings of the way in which some classes are taught. She found a video by Dan Brown, a college drop out who focused on the "waste" of going to class. Although he dropped out of school, I think he also made some very valuable key points. Just like her, I also feel cheated out of my time and money after sitting in a lecture class. I sit through class trying to focus on what is being taught, or should I say read off to me from an overhead projector, and think about all the other things I could be doing. I try taking notes, if I can remain awake long enough to, and don't think about them again until right before a test. I remember these notes, take the test, and by the following week, have completely forgotten what it was I supposedly learned. I too buy $100 text books that seem to never be used or at least not used enough to feel I got my $100 worth. So many professors are not teaching but simply going over facts. At the beginning of EDM310, I felt completely overwhelmed. I thought there is no way that I am going to figure all this out. I now find it easier than ever to do things that I didn't even know how to do before this class. Because we live in a technology driven world, I find it easier to learn from hands on experience though the use of technology. Teachers have got to learn to keep up to date with the world around them and can not ever quit learning themselves. The day a teacher quits learning, is the day a student quits learning. As a future teacher, I am making a promise to myself not to ever quit learning and to try and always keep up with the latest use of technology. We are never going to go back in time.......might as well make the most of the time we have now!

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home by Tom Johnson

All I can say about this post is that it is really sad that our students academic achievment is measured by standardized test. I hope that sometime in the very near future that society changes the way they look at how much a child is learning. Some children are just not good test takers....doesn't mean they don't know the material. I think as both a teacher and a student that this is a very unfair policy. Teachers have to be so focused on their class passing state standardized test, that they are not allowed enough time to truely teach their kids. As a future teacher, I sure hope there are some changes that take place, but until then I will try to find a good balance that allows my students the education they deserve while maintaining good test scores on state test.

Test or Teach

Comments for Teachers # 3

The Concrete Classroom

The teacher blog that I was assigned to this time was called the Concrete Classroom. It was designed by a man named Micheal Kaechele from Michigan. He is a middle school technology teacher that loves hands on projects. In his most recent blog, his favorite one to date, he had some really awesome news! He has just accepted a job offer for a history position at Kent Innovations High. This is a brand new, project based school that will start next fall. This school integrates the curriculum of the four core subjects into student centered projects. It also works with local businesses to give students real problems to solve.Mr. Kaechele is super excited to be given the oppurtunity to help create such an amazing program. His blog was first designed to relate to his middle school teaching position but he will now be using it as a means of updating his followers on how this new project is coming along. What an awesome thing to be a part of. I can not wait to see his future updates on how things are coming along.....

I was so happy that my teacher had made another post since last weekd assignment. This time, he was talking about this article he had read by M.E. Steele Pierce. He loved the way she described how empowering edcamps are by giving teachers control and choice in regards to their professional development. In short, he believes that the administrators have a lack of trust in their educators and unability to give up their control of content. He suggested that every school simply try out this form of teaching just for a day or maybe even a week. He believes that the things you learn from your students are endless. He feels that this way, students are allowed to show what they are truely passionate about. I agree with him that it would be pretty neat to just try this form of learning out. I remember being that child in science class thinking how did this lady become a teacher. Lots of time I feel like if the teacher is bored at what she is teaching, the child will also be bored. One way to spruce up old forms of teaching is by letting our teachers take control and teach in the way that excites them. This way they are doing something that they feel passionate about and I am sure that would show in not only the students grades, but their attitudes. I think that freedom just maybe the key to success. Would you take this step to try this form of learning out in your classroom?

Freedom is the Key

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project # 12 Skype Interview

This is my Skype interview For project #12. I skyped with Michelle Gibson a friend of mine from high school and we discussed plans for our upcoming 10 year high school reunion.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog Post #9

What I've Learned This Year by Mr. McClung

This weeks mentor for our blog assignment was Mr. McClung. He was a new teacher who had just completed his first year of teaching. Going into his first classroom he was young and inexperienced but in only a year, he learned things that some teachers take a lifetime to figure out. He gave pieces of advice which I felt would help me to be more successful in my future classroom. His advice was simple but meaningful.
1. Learn to read your crowd
2. Be flexible
3. Communicate
4. Be reasonable ( something thats hard to do sometimes)
5. Don't be afraid of technology
6. Listen to your students

I think that so many times teachers just give up. It is important not to ever give up because your attitude will effect your students. Our world is constantly changing therefor we can never allow ourselves to stop learning. If, as teachers, we do this, we are neglecting our students of the learning environment that they deserve. I believe that all of his advice goes hand in hand with each other. First off we have to know our students and learn how to properly communicate with them and their parents. By doing so we learn how to become flexible with their needs and reasonable with the things we expect of them. We have to learn to listen to our students so that we can understand where their coming from. Not being afraid of technology is sometimes hard, but just like Mr. McClung said, we just have to keep on trying until we figure it out. Lastly and most importantly we can never stop learning. Not only should we follow this for our students, but for ourselves. So many times in life people become set in their routines so much that they do not realize on the oppurtunities that they are missing out on. I hope so much that as a teacher I too can live by these seven simple words of wisdom!

They Won't Care How Much You Know Until They Know You Care= TITLE='' border=

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C4K Summary #'s 4,5,6

Comments for Kids #4


The first blog I commented on was Tyla, a year 7 student at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. Her most recent blog post was a short MTV video she did with two fellow classmates. They sang Long Ago by the Herbs. Throughout the video you were able to see pictures of all their fellow classmates, a picture from "long ago" and a more recent one. I told her to cherish these memories and that these were the best years of her life! All three girls were so pretty and were very vocally talented. It's great to see children this young knowing how to express themselves through the use of modern technology!

Comments for Kids #5


The next blog was created by a 12 year old girl named Pharrah. She was a new student at Pt England School and in Year 8. She enjoyed playing on the log at the playground and talking walks on the weekend with her cousin. When I commented, I simply told her that I knew she was nervous about starting at a new school, but was sure she would make lots of new friends. I told her to remember to study and keep up the good work. I love how children so young are blogging and it so so neat to be able to talk with students from all around the world!

Comments for Kids # 6


The last kid's blog that I commented on belonged to Thomas V in Mrs. Phare's fourth period class. It was short and sweet and to the point. Thomas talked about peanuts, where they originated from, what society they were native to as well as when and where peanut butter was first sold. I told him to remember to study hard and keep up the good work.

Overall, I love getting the chance to look at and enjoy these childrens blogs. I love the fact that they know how to blog and they are able to show there creativity through there blogs. I think it is a great idea and should be a creative learning tool used in every classroom! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Post # 8

This is How We Dream Parts 1 & 2 by Richard E. Miller

I believe these two videos gave a great representation of how our world has changed and is changing every moment. This is a man who posesses an imagination with no limits. He allows us to stop and think about just how much change has happened over the years. I love how he calls these changes "incremental changes" and that is just what they are.

Our work space has changed. We are now living in a digital environment. We work more with our laptops than on paper. I love the internet and couldn't imagine life without it. It does allow us to communicate instantly, globally, and gives us the ability to share knowledge infinitely. I believe he hit it right on when he said "the only limits and restrictions we have are largely the ones we place on ourselves." The internet if full of possibilities. Now several people can have access to the same thing at the same time.

As a future educator I hope that I can live up to the expectations which are laid upon me. I plan to take full advantage of the internet and all of its special tools just like Mr. Miller spoke about in his presentation. I want to allow my creativity to be a learning device in the eyes of children.

We can. We Should.


The next two videos I was assigned to watch was done by former EDM310 students. They were pretty good and got me to thinking....if I made a movie for this class, what would I do. This is what I came up with.

I think if I could do any movie for EDM310 it would be a interview-sort movie where I asked several memebers of this class different questions or if they had suggestions for future students of this class. I remember how overwhelmed I felt at the beginning of class and would have loved to have seen a movie with helpful hints and suggestions or to have heard personally from other students that felt they were overwhelmed in the beginning to. Just something that could uplift the spirits of future EDM310 students!

The only thing that would make this video if the book really did exsist! I would definitely have paid good $$$ for it!

As for The Chipper Series, I believe this was a cute short movie that basically talked about life and the choices we make. Everything we do is our choice. We may not always pick the right one and when that happens their are consequences, but it was still OUR CHOICE!

Learning to Change, Changing to Learn

"Every turned off device is potentially a turned off child," this was definitely the most profound statement in this video. It is so true. Children today are being taught by everything around them, not just school. They are more involved with technology and technology should be more involved with them. We, as future teacher, have to reach out to their level which may be out of our comfort zone and teach them in ways that hold their attention and can be easily understood. I love 21st century literacies but they are completely different from the ways in which I was taught in grammer school. We, as future teachers have to step up and learn to change the ways in which school used to be taught and bring it up to date with the children of todays society.


RSA Animate-The Secret Powers of Time

This video is talking about how children today are not very future oriented and we as teachers need to help them better prepare themselves for the future. By doing so, we have to make learning fun and interesting and keep them excited about their learning experiences. I know this won't be easy, but I simply can't wait!

RSA Animate- Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

This video focuses on how money motivates our society. They did a test where the better you did the more $$$ you got and were very surprised by the results. Money is a huge motivator, especially in the workplace. Although money is nice, without having the desire and passion for what you do you will never be happy with your career.

Project # 13 Smart Board Instruction

This is a video of our Smart Board lesson. We did our lesson for 2nd grade and taught about animal habitiats. I felt it was a great experience and was happy to have been given the chance to experiment with Smart Boards. This Project was definitly a learning experience and made me that much more excited for being able to teach with such a great interactive tool in my future. I hope you enjoy!
Group Members: Abby Jordan & Alicia Robertson

Our form was returned by Krista Edwards and this is what she had to say.....

Krista wants to work with high school age children. She plans on using Smart Boards for a variety if different things inside her classroom. Most importantly, she wants to be able to use smart boards as an interaction tool among her students. She also wants to use it as a means for testing her childrens knowledge and for helping her out weekly with lesson plans. I liked that the form gave me the oppurtunity to see how others was going to use smart boards in their classroom and possibly giving me ideas on how to use it in mine! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Progress Report on Project #10 My PLN Network

What is a PLN? Well, from what I gather a PLN is an easier way to keep up with the tools in which you learn from and use on a daily basis. I am very new to the PLN, well let's face it, I have never even heard of it before, but so far it seems like a really awesome tool to have in my back pocket. I signed up for Symbaloo. I'm not sure really why I picked this one other than the fact that I liked the way it looked better than Netvibes. I have taken the tour and am trying to figure out just how to use this for my advantage. So far, I have changed my background, played around with my little boxes and put them in the order that I wanted, and have learned how to screw it all up....all in about 10 minnutes. So, I am spending my time right now figuring out how to make it go back to like I had it. I do like the fact that it has webmixes so that you can have one for different subjects. I also thought it was a neat idea to add Education Discover to the list. Guess that is all for now. Stay tuned to find out more about my journey through this new technology ( well, new to me anyways! ) :^)


Blog Post # 7

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Wow! This video truley makes you think. First off, to know that someone who knows they are facing a near future of unhealthiness and possible death to be so positive in a lecture is amazing. makes me think about my life and how blessed I am right now and how there is someone always worse off than me. Dr Randy Pausch should be an inspiration to all of us. This video, his last leture, was the longest video yet that we have had to watch as an assignment for this class. Although lengthy, at the end you felt like you were listening to someone you knew personally.

I think he made several great points throughout his speech. He truly believes that everyone should follow their childhood dreams and anable others to follow theirs in order to live a happy fulfilling life. As a future educator, I hope that I to will enable children to know that their childhood dreams are not out of reach. Just because one dream is not reached does not mean that you did not get anything out of it. My favorite line of Dr. Pausch was "experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." This is a lesson that I will now carry with me forever.

He talked alot about brick walls. Alot of times in life when we are striving to accomplish something we run into what seems like this dreadful brick wall. I love how he turned something which can be viewed so negatively into something positive. Most importantly, not to let these brick walls discourage us, instead know that they give us a chance to show our dedication to what we want and just how bad we want it. This is also a life lesson that I plan to carry on to my future students.

I love the fact that the final part of his speech he through a curve ball. He said at the beginning that he was not going to talk about his wife or children, yet at the end was thoughtful enough not to have everyone focus their attention on him, but to sing Happy Birthday to his wife. What a GREAT birthday present! He showed how much love he had for his wife with just those few seconds of this lecture. I also loved the fact that he had not onw, but two head fakes. The first being that this talk was not about how to achieve your dreams, but how to lead your life. If you live your life the right way, everything else will seem to fall into place. His second head fake and my personal favorite part of the video, was that this last lecture was not for us, but for his three precious children.

All in all I would recommend everyone to take the time to watch Dr. Pausch as he talks about achieveing your dreams, enabling other to achieve theirs, and lessons learned along the way. He gave several great tips to help everyone out along the way which I just would not feel right without leaving for you, so here they are....

*The key to success is FREEDOM
*Don't complain, instead work harder
*Never do away with child-like wonder
*Help others
*Loyalty is a two way street
*Never give up
*Get a feedback loop & listen to it
*Show gratitude
*Decide rather you are a Tigger or a Eeyore
*Be good at something, it makes you valuable
*Find the best in everybody
*Be prepared

Most importantly...... HAVE FUN!!!

Follow Your Dreams

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Comments for Teachers Summary #2

The first teacher blog I visited was Speaking of History. This blog was created by an 8th Grade History teacher in Missouri named Eric Langhorst. His most recent blog post was stating that today, February 25, he would be speaking at the 2011 Missouri Council for Social Studies Conference in Kansas City. His topic was how history teachers can use social media to collaborate and enrich their curriculum. He gave a list of links related to the presentation and included his Prezi that he would be sharing at the conference. I think it is great that he isstanding up for the use of technology in the classroom and thought alot of his ideas were really cool and would help the learning process for all his students.

The second post I commented on was a presentation he created about PLN's. I found it especially useful so I added it above for everyone to check out. I myself was very unfamiliar with a PLN or what it provided until just here recently. I am glad that there are people out there like Mr. Langhorst that remains knowledgeable about these things and blog about it so that it helps others out who are just like me!