Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Post 1

     Hey everybody! It's me, Abby. I am a first time blogger so be patient with me as I begin this learning process. I will start this blog by telling you a little bit about myself. Where do I begin? Well, I am 27 years young and have been married for almost 5 years. I was born and raised in West Mobile, but am currently a resident of the 'BIG' city of Grand Bay. After graduating high school, I decided to take a "year" off, well let's just say that year turned into several. So after working at dead end jobs that I was going no where in, I chose to take the giant leap and go back to school, so here I am.

     I have been going to South for two years majoring in Elementary Education. All I have ever wanted to be was a teacher. They have such a huge impact on the lives of so many children, and knowing that one day I will have this chance is a unbelievable feeling! I sometimes wonder with today's economy if I will be able to find a job and if I will make enough money to pay back the mountains of student loans. As for me, it's not about the money, but the chance to wake up and go to a job that you personally find rewarding and one that you enjoy.


  1. This comment is to assure that everyone is recieving an email that should be.

  2. You are correct. It's NOT about the money. I love what I do. And I hope you will like being an educator as much as I do.

  3. Hi Abby! It is a huge step returning to school after taking several years off so congratulations! You are completely right, it isn't about the money, or it shouldn't be anyway. You have the attitude that every teacher should - you want to change students' lives and make an unforgettable impact. I hope that upon graduation and becoming a teacher that you will always keep this positive spirit and attitude! You will go far!

    Samantha Fleming