Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Post 2

Did You Know?
Wow! What can I say? This was definitely an informative video. I am not sure rather to be amazed by the power of technology or afraid for the future. This video list facts about the progression of several different areas of current technology. The numbers, while very interesting, were a bit scary for me. It makes me wonder what we did before computers, internet, and google?
I also realized that although we may live in "the land of the free," we surely don't live in the land of the smart. I am and have always been proud to be an American. I think it is great to live in a country that allows us so much freedom. That being said, I never realized just how far behind we were in education compareed to the rest of the world.
As for me and this video, I think I'll leave my glass half full and just say while we may not be the brightest, compared to some we sure have it made! :)

Mr Winkle Wakes
After watching this I just want to know how Mr. Winkle was able to sleep for 100 years when I can't seem to get good sleep for just one night? Literally speaking though this sort of thing happens every night when we close our eyes. Technology, along with its uses, changes constantly. Sometimes, especially here lately in Dr. Strange's class, I too feel like I have been asleep for 100 years! HaHa!

The Importance of Creativity
Creativity is such a valuable asset in todays education. In this video, Ken Robinson talks about the need for creativity in the classroom. I totally agree with him in the fact that lots of times, children are afraid of speaking up because of the fear of being wrong. Children should never be afraid to participate in any activity.
Furthermore, I to feel like some schools now days are not giving children the appropiate tools that will allow them to express their individuality.Core subjects such as Math and Science are being pushed on the kids while art, music, and theatre just gets forgot about. Teachers focus their complete attention on providing a "burp back" education in order to meet state standards. It's all really sad. These same teachers could use creativity as a means of teaching this information to the children and not only will the children be learning , but they will also be building self confidence.
Cecelia Gault's Interview
Once again I am filled with sadness for our country. Our children are our future and they have the right to obtain the best education possible. I think the current problem with technology being taught in todays classroom is the fact that not enough teachers are educated enough to teach it. Just like Sir Ken Robinson talking about how computers was not around when he was younger. There is so much new technology available daily that it seems almost impossible for all teachers to be able to keep up to date with it all. That being said, I believe that more teachers should be exposed to these newer programs in hopes of giving the best we have to offer to these children. Alot of these programs, like Smartboards, help to create a fun learning environment. America's children should be given the best there is to offer when coming to their education.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
This video was about a teacher is Southern Georgia who helped bring her students in contact with other students all over the world. I think what she is doing is GREAT! I can't think of one good reason we shouldn't broden our childrens knowledge of technology. I wish that we would have had, or at the very least known about different internet programs used today when I was in school. There is certainly a positive impact that these tools can provide for children as long as they are properly monitored by adults.

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  1. Abby,

    I agree that the rapid increase of technology and our dependence on it is rather frightening, but at the same time, technology has allowed great things to happen. As educators, we should be fighting for the use of technology to help our students get the most out of school. I believe America is behind other countries because we do not value education. What do you think?

    Yes, it is quite impossible for someone to sleep for 100 years, and the world does change very quickly. How does this video, Mr. Winkle Wakes, relate to education, and what do you think the message is?