Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Post #11

Mrs. Cassidy's 1st Grade Class & Technology

Mrs. Cssidy is surely a teacher that we can look up too. I love how she started her journey with technology when she was given 5 computers on her classroom. Instead of letting them sit there and collect dust, she self taught herself how to utilize this and make it something great for her students. Out of all the technology tools I saw her children using, I likes the flip camera recording and the Nintendo DS the best, ...well not really the best but maybe something I had not thought of before. Every child I know likes to take pictures and record movies, so what better way to help the students learn? I also would have never thought to put a Nintendo type item inside my classroom, but when I think Nintendo, I don't think about 'Learning games' but rather fun games. The game she had them playing was not only fun for them but taught them different tools such as spelling and problem solving. This is something that most children get to use at home and are already familiar with. The students that do not have these types of toys, will feel privledged when getting to use them and the students who have them at home will be able to help guide the others on how to use them. We have said it time and time again in this classroom......A teacher must keep up with the latest technology and be able to relate to a child with what they are familiar with. We, as teachers, must never stop learning because when we stop learning our students in a way, quit learning too. I think the biggest mountain to climb when coming to the use of technology inside the classroom, is convincing administrators and parents that this is a great way to teach and that the kids are really learning. I believe the best way to show this is through a class blog. This way the parents and administrators have access anytime to view what exactly is going on inside the classroom and some of the students work. I feel that when teaching through the use of technology you will not only be able to physically see this, but you will see a difference with the attitude of the students. I sit here and think how different a class would have been for me if I had been able to learn through this hands on technology.

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  1. This is a very good post! And i love your picture at the end. I'm glad you enjoyed the video, I was enthralled by it!
    Amberly Elmore