Saturday, February 5, 2011

Comments for Teachers Summary # 1

This post will be a summary of a few of the ideas from the teacher blog that I was assigned to follow. I am following a teacher named Caren Carrillo. She is currently going back to school and working on her second set of graduate classes. During this post, she talked about how her master level teacher basically bullied her for asking questions and sharing her opinions. She was unsure how to handle the situation because the teacher made her feel so uncomfortable that she considered dropping the course. This led her to reflect on herself as a teacher and how she made her own children feel. Her theory is that a teacher should always make a child feel comfortable and feel good about learning. I commented back simply agreeing with what she already said. It is sad that a student, no matter the age, would ever feel uncomfortable or singled out because they ask questions or voice their opinions. At the very least, this shows that the student is paying attention to the material being taught and attempting to learn it. As far as the teacher goes, if it is a required course, my advice was to make good of a negative situation and learn from that teachers mistakes and in return become a better teacher herself.

The second blog post that I commented about was quite intresting. During this post, Caren talked about how a Florida lawmaker was trying to have a law passed where teachers would grade parents. This grade would show up on their childrens report cards in the form of satisfactory, unsatisfactory, or needs improvement. Throughout her post she weighed the pros and cons of this bill. Would it really be fair to grade all parents? I agree with Caren that students should not always be held accountable for the actions that are taking place. Her example was children being on time to school. An elementary child can not help if they do not make it to school on time. It is the responsibility of their parent to wake them, help them to get ready, feed them breakfast, and make sure they arrive on time. I agree, a child can not help if they are late. However, I do not see where grading a parent would make any difference. If they are lazy and uncaring now, a grade is not going to make any difference. She also talked about feeding the child a good, healthy breakfast. This is hard for so many parents. In today's economy there are so many parents that work daylight to dusk just trying to make ends meet. Not every Mom has the chance to be a housewife. As horrible as it sounds, I do not see anything wrong with a child grabbing a pop tart as they are heading out the door to catch the bus. I guess because my mother always left early for work and thats what I did, and I made it through school just fine. So, as intresting as parent grades sounds, I just think in the long run it would be a flop. It would create more stress on the teachers and administrators because of the extra paperwork and that one parent who shows acts out because they do not agree with the grade.

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