Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Post 3

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today
WoW! Did this video hit it right on the dot or what? There were so many parts of this video that I have personally experienced in my time here at South. I hate buying over-priced books, especially ones that you never use or don't use enough to justify the price. I hate being in a classroom that has so many students you are nothing but a number to the teacher. I think it is unfair to not be able to recieve the attention that you deserve for the money that you are spending. Being in college and managing your time is hard at 18 I'm sure, but even harder at 27. I now have to worry about family, work, and bills, along with my heavy class load and maintaining good grades. Sometimes I am glad that I waited to go back to school because I am not sure that at 18 I would have been mature enough to effectively do this. I no longer worry about what I am wearing to the latest club, instead I concentrate on when I can slip into my p.j.'s and crawl into bed.

If I could add or change anything to this video I would have to change the paper that said "I'll be $20,000 in debt when I finish to $45,000. I would probably also ass a piece of paper after this that said and I won't make but about $26,000 a year. I would also talk about parking on campus, because it's awful here!

"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines
This post was awesome. I love the fact that Kelly knows and voices the difference between learning and teaching. This brings me back to the burp back teacher. If a child is nt actually learning, are you really teaching? I also love how as an educator she admits that a successful educator is always learning themselves. That is so true. A teacher has to remain up to date on the latest technology and trends in order to provide the education that our children so much deserve.

Technology is all around us. I agree with her,with the proper tools and learning can be fun and creative. However, not knowing how to properly use these tools can harm the whole educational experience.

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
What can I say? I am glad to know that I am not the only one that feels this way. I agree with Mr. Fisch, being technologically illiterate today as a teacher is like being unable to read or write 30 years ago. The world is constantly changing. The use of technology is not going to go anywhere. Instead it will always be changing and hopefully improving our way of living. Computers in todays society are not a privilege but more like a necessity. They are a useful tool to use in the classroom for the teachers as well as the students. I hope to use his insight as a reminder to me in my classroom one day and remember that anyone should be embarrassed to publicly admit to being coomputer illiterate. ;)

Gary Hayes Social Media Count
These numbers were changing so quick that it was almost hard to keep up with it. That just goes to show us that the world is full of technology. I honestly can not figure out what I did before I had a computer, I-Phone, Facebook, and You-Tube. Yes, I do believe that my life was simpler when my Mom would page me and I had to stop at a pay phone to call her back. However, I wouldn't trade that for my everyday use of technology for nothing in the world. It allows us to do so much from the comfort of our home.

As far as the role in which these number will play on my future career, it's simple. This is proof that as an educator I must stay up to date on the latest technology and know how to properly deliver the intended messages to my students. It is NEVER going away!

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  1. Abby,

    I completely see where your coming from on managing your time. I have trouble fitting all have to do in just 24 hours. I also feel the same about going to school at 18. I was way to immature at that age and couldn't prioritize very well back then. You may want to go back and edit the second paragraph of your post there is a typo there I'm sure you don't want there.

    I agree with both you and Mrs. Hines. We have to be dedicated to our future students. If we don't continue learning how are we going to teach them the things they will need to know?

    I feel that Mr. Fisch's comment that a technologically illiterate teacher is as bad as a teacher that couldn't read or write 30 years ago is spot on. It may be harsh, but our children deserve to be introduced to the technology that is forever going to change this world.

    Did you notice how fast money was being made in the social media count? That was the first thing I noticed. Most of the kids we teach in the future will enter some form of the business world, and if we teach them how to use these applications they will be able to benefit from all of that income.

    Michael Armstrong

  2. Haha, Abby, when you take Math 202, you will find that the instructor, Brick, resembles the man in your picture very closely :-).