Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog Post 6

Why does a networked student even need a teacher?

I think that it is absolutely crucial that the networked student has not just a teacher, but a teacher who knows their stuff when it comes to todays technology. The internet is full of countless learning possibilities, but just like the video stated, you have to learn how to weed through what you find and pick out what is most useful to yourself.

Teachers are responsible for helping to convey this information, otherwise the student may never know about some of the tools available that will make their educational journey easier. Without having an up-to-date on technology teacher, lots of children will never be given the oppurtunity to be exposed to this type of learning. My mother and father only know the basics when it comes to using the computer and would have never been able to teach me the things I have learned about the internet, it's funny because I find myslef teaching them about social networking, emailing, and blogging.

I will admit that there are many things that I was not familiar with until taking this class and am happy that I have been exposed to many of these great tools. I am excited that I now have the knowledge and can successfully pass this along to my future students.

Welcome to My PLE

This video was about a seventh graders personal learning environment, and boy did she have it all together. I loved how she had one page that arranged all the tools that she used throughout the day and for her class. It is sad to say that a seventh graders PLE looks and is better than mine, a sophmore in college. That just goes to show the difference and the ever changing learning structure being taught to children today. I wish I would have had the oppurtunity and been taught about some of these tools when I was in seventh grade, sure would have made my life easier. But for now, after watching this short clip, I realize that I need to step up my PLN and definitely expose myself to more outside resources so that I can be prepared to teach my future students through the use of technology. Oh yea, I love paperless classes.....never a need for a pencil and is so great for the environment!

Personal Learning Network

Smart Boards....Useful or Wasteful

After reading the two negative articles about smart boards I was shocked. I have just recently learned what a smart board was and am currently learning how to use them effectively. I am super excited and hope and pray I have one of these in my future classroom. The possibilities are endless with the proper knowledge of how to use them. I think they allow students to have fun while learning and give a change of scenery from the old style, note-taking, overhead projectors. As a matter of fact a Smart Board is like an overhead projector on steriods. It has so many more features!Today's children are becoming more and more technically inclined and the smart boards help by allowing the teacher to get the information across to their students on the students level. I found this website especially useful and gave great tips to using the smart boards inside the classroom, take a look at
Teachers Love Smart Boards I also found a blog created by Angie, a teacher in Oregon and profound user of the smart board. You can access her blog at Smart Board Blog, I recommend everyone go check it out, she offers alot of valuable websites and ideas.


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  2. Hey Abby! There is also many things I was not familiar with until taking this class. I am also excited carry my new knowledge into my classroom.

    The 7th grader's PLE was awesome! I downloaded Symbaloo after watching that video and love it. I went through high school with nothing more than powerpoint and used a computer once a year for a research paper. It amazes me the things students are learning now. Oh, and I am really enjoying having a paperless class as well! I am all for going green!

    "Smart Board is like an overhead projector on steriods." Hahaha, I love this! I couldn't agree more.

    -Kristan Steele

  3. I love your opening sentence: "I think that it is absolutely crucial that the networked student has not just a teacher, but a teacher who knows their stuff when it comes to todays technology." I think this is a point that some of your classmates have missed. They agree that we need a teacher, but they didn't point out that the teacher needs to know their stuff.

    I love paperless classes too! I hope that as I become a science teacher, I can use these techniques to become a really informative teacher that shows his students how to find great tools on their own.

    I like your comments on the smartboard. I think, like you, that they are wonderful if they are used like they are designed to be used. I really hope that the smartboard projects help you understand more and explore how these boards work.

    Great post Abby,

    Stephen Akins