Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summary C4K comments 1,2, & 3

Opps! Sorry!

O.K. So the beginning of this summary isn't going to be very well written. I thought that after doing all three I would have no problems with going back to them, reviewing, and coming to write a summary about them all at once. Boy was I wrong! I remember going to Ms. Naugle's class blog and counting down to my number. I remember the blog being about Math and was very well written. I commented and proceded to check that off my list for the week. BIG MISTAKE! Obviously I should have come to my blog and went ahead and summarized that week and continued doing so until I was finished with all three weeks. I have looked back and can not find my comment anywhere. Sorry for the mishap on C4K # 1, but i can assure you all that I have learned my lesson....the hard way at that!

The second blog I checked out several podcast made up by various students on one teachers blog. I was assigned episode 336 which was a podcast by two beautiful little girls Senolita and Mary. They read a book called Ollie's Bubble Brother by Julie Mitchell. I think my favorite part is how I was able to check if I thought their podcast was cool, interesting, or if my class or group listened. I told them my first experience with podcasting was just recently with our project for Dr. Strange. I also told them that is was great that they were already getting some experience with podcasting because it would be a valuable tool in their educational journey.

The third student I looked at and commented on was a girl name Ane. She was a Year 5 student at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. She had not blogged very much, only adding a picture of herself and stating that she had been up to some great stuff in previous years. I introduced myself and told her how great I thought blogging was. I let her know it was a way to let other people know your thoughts and feelings on different things happening to you. I told her to keep up the good work and to remember to make learning fun!

All in all I think I am going to really enjoy Comments-4-kids because it gives us a chance to reach out to children all over the world. Not only that, but as a child I loved receiving a letter in the mailbox and commenting on a blog is just the current version of that!

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