Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project # 13 Smart Board Instruction

This is a video of our Smart Board lesson. We did our lesson for 2nd grade and taught about animal habitiats. I felt it was a great experience and was happy to have been given the chance to experiment with Smart Boards. This Project was definitly a learning experience and made me that much more excited for being able to teach with such a great interactive tool in my future. I hope you enjoy!
Group Members: Abby Jordan & Alicia Robertson

Our form was returned by Krista Edwards and this is what she had to say.....

Krista wants to work with high school age children. She plans on using Smart Boards for a variety if different things inside her classroom. Most importantly, she wants to be able to use smart boards as an interaction tool among her students. She also wants to use it as a means for testing her childrens knowledge and for helping her out weekly with lesson plans. I liked that the form gave me the oppurtunity to see how others was going to use smart boards in their classroom and possibly giving me ideas on how to use it in mine! :)

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