Thursday, March 3, 2011

Comments for Teachers Summary #2

The first teacher blog I visited was Speaking of History. This blog was created by an 8th Grade History teacher in Missouri named Eric Langhorst. His most recent blog post was stating that today, February 25, he would be speaking at the 2011 Missouri Council for Social Studies Conference in Kansas City. His topic was how history teachers can use social media to collaborate and enrich their curriculum. He gave a list of links related to the presentation and included his Prezi that he would be sharing at the conference. I think it is great that he isstanding up for the use of technology in the classroom and thought alot of his ideas were really cool and would help the learning process for all his students.

The second post I commented on was a presentation he created about PLN's. I found it especially useful so I added it above for everyone to check out. I myself was very unfamiliar with a PLN or what it provided until just here recently. I am glad that there are people out there like Mr. Langhorst that remains knowledgeable about these things and blog about it so that it helps others out who are just like me!

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  1. Hey Abby,

    It seems like you are coming along great! I like the fact that there are teachers around the country that are getting the word out about technology in the classroom.

    Good post Abby,

    Stephen Akins