Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comments for Teachers # 3

The Concrete Classroom

The teacher blog that I was assigned to this time was called the Concrete Classroom. It was designed by a man named Micheal Kaechele from Michigan. He is a middle school technology teacher that loves hands on projects. In his most recent blog, his favorite one to date, he had some really awesome news! He has just accepted a job offer for a history position at Kent Innovations High. This is a brand new, project based school that will start next fall. This school integrates the curriculum of the four core subjects into student centered projects. It also works with local businesses to give students real problems to solve.Mr. Kaechele is super excited to be given the oppurtunity to help create such an amazing program. His blog was first designed to relate to his middle school teaching position but he will now be using it as a means of updating his followers on how this new project is coming along. What an awesome thing to be a part of. I can not wait to see his future updates on how things are coming along.....

I was so happy that my teacher had made another post since last weekd assignment. This time, he was talking about this article he had read by M.E. Steele Pierce. He loved the way she described how empowering edcamps are by giving teachers control and choice in regards to their professional development. In short, he believes that the administrators have a lack of trust in their educators and unability to give up their control of content. He suggested that every school simply try out this form of teaching just for a day or maybe even a week. He believes that the things you learn from your students are endless. He feels that this way, students are allowed to show what they are truely passionate about. I agree with him that it would be pretty neat to just try this form of learning out. I remember being that child in science class thinking how did this lady become a teacher. Lots of time I feel like if the teacher is bored at what she is teaching, the child will also be bored. One way to spruce up old forms of teaching is by letting our teachers take control and teach in the way that excites them. This way they are doing something that they feel passionate about and I am sure that would show in not only the students grades, but their attitudes. I think that freedom just maybe the key to success. Would you take this step to try this form of learning out in your classroom?

Freedom is the Key

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